Mouseman & Yorkshire Oak

There is currently strong demand for the work of Mouseman and other Yorkshire Oak, with pieces achieving consistently high prices at auction.

Discover the allure of Mouseman and Yorkshire Oak furniture at David Duggleby Auctioneers & Valuers, where a strong demand for these pieces is met with our extensive expertise. With a notable focus on the craftsmanship of Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson and his Yorkshire contemporaries, our auctions consistently achieve high prices for these coveted items.

Situated in close proximity to Kilburn, the birthplace of Robert Thompson, and surrounded by the locales of his apprentices and followers, our Yorkshire-based company attracts significant interest from local collectors. However, the appeal of Yorkshire Oak extends far beyond the region, reaching collectors across the globe. Notably, the highest price ever attained for a Mouseman piece was achieved at an auction in New York, emphasizing the international acclaim for this exquisite craftsmanship.

As a result, our auctions draw attention from both local enthusiasts and international buyers alike, ensuring a broad and diverse audience for your Mouseman and Yorkshire Oak treasures. With our auctions accessible worldwide through online platforms, your exceptional pieces have the opportunity to find new homes in collections spanning North America, the Far East, and beyond. Entrust your Mouseman and Yorkshire Oak items to David Duggleby Auctioneers for a global showcase and the potential to achieve outstanding results.

David Duggleby Auctioneers & Valuers have extensive experience selling Mouseman and Yorkshire Oak furniture and smaller items. Being a Yorkshire company, we are located close to both the birthplace of Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson, Kilburn, and the locations of his many apprentices and followers. This means our auctions receive high levels of interest from local collectors. However, Yorkshire Oak is now collected across the world, with substantial collections located in North America and the Far East - in fact, the highest price achieved for a piece of Mouseman was at a sale in New York. Therefore, we also receive much attention from international buyers, and all of our sales have a worldwide online reach.
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